Proud sponsor of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Olympic Team STUDEN Holding gave support to BiH Olympic athletes before leaving to Rio

Date: 14.12.2016. 15:55

Sarajevo, July 26, 2016 – The representatives of the STUDEN Holding, an international company with regional HQ for Southeast Europe in Brcko, in whose system the well-known domestic brands BIMAL, AGRAGOLD and MINGOS COFFEE are being produced and distributed, and the ceremonious conference held in Sarajevo greeted the Olympic Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who they sponsor, and thus once again expressed their full support to the Olympic committee of the BiH and representatives of the BiH at the upcoming Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
“We are very proud of our Olympic team for Rio 2016, for which we can say that it is a combination of youth and experience, and this results in the most quality team of the representatives of the BiH sport at Olympic games and it is a special honor to send the words of support to our Olympic athletes in name of the STUDEN Holding”, said Nataša Pucar, Corporate Communications Director of the STUDEN Holding, for the media.

At the ceremony of signing of the sponsoring contract earlier this year in Brcko, also a tour of the Agro-industrial complex of the STUDEN Holding was organized, during which the representatives of the Olympic committee and Amel Tuka were presented with the strength of the company, which primarily reflects in the value of brands it produces and its people.

“With signing of the contract with Olympic committee in April of this year, as well as with signing of the contract with the most successful BiH athlete Amel Tuka, STUDEN Holding recognized the importance of the promotion of the Olympic values and spirit, and the role which the Olympic committee has in the international promotion of the BiH economy, equally as the confirmed quality of the brands BIMAL edible oil, AGRAGOLD sugar and MINGOS coffee, which are produced in Brcko, brings the success to the company STUDEN Holding on the international level”, Pucar pointed out, emphasizing the values which were the motive of the company to get the title of one of the “Proud sponsors of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Olympic team at the OG Rio 2016«.