BIMAL Group (oil seeds and grains) comprises five operating companies. With its production, trading and service company, BIMAL Group performs all activities starting from the processing of oil seeds and grains, production and trade in crude oil and protein meals, trade in grains and finishing with the production and trade of final products i.e. edible oils, as well as provision of storage and business park services.


BIMAL Group is headquartered in Brcko. Besides the domestic market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the markets in which BIMAL Group operates and trades are the countries of the Western Balkans, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, the countries of the European Union, that is Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Hungary, and emerging markets of the Middle East.

We market our products primarily through AGRAGOLD, AGRANA-STUDEN distribution companies and or through direct contacts with end customers.

Because of the special importance of the Serbian market, the broader segment of our business operations in this market is managed directly through our subsidiary company BIMAL Trading, based in Belgrade. BIMAL Trading offers support in the procurement of raw materials as well as in placement of products on the Serbian market.

In addition to the foregoing, in recent years we have started giving more and more attention to new markets in the Middle East where we operate through the STUDEN MIDDEL EAST DMCC Company based in Dubai (