The STUDEN Holding employees have not changed their practice: Blood donation activity has taken place

Date: 12.09.2017.

Brcko, September 12, 2017 – Employees of the STUDEN Holding which includes BIMAL Edible Oil Factory and STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery, participated in organized blood donation activity and for the ninth time successively demonstrated their humanity.

Within this year “Days of open doors” and 25th anniversary of the SUDEN Holding the traditional blood donation activity took place by which STUDEN Holding together with its employees strives to support the work of local Transfusion Ward.

Head of the Transfusion Ward, prim. dr. Azrija Pasalic pointed out that regular blood donation activities carried out by STUDEN Holding have positive effects to stability of the Transfusion Ward work, and also to the trust level of the patients from Brcko District region. “Healthy blood donated by these people today has a life time of 35 days and therefore it is necessary to work continuously on replenishing the blood reserves, but unfortunately, considering a number of patients in need for blood we are often facing lack of blood in reserve”, said dr. Pasalic

STUDEN Holding does not give up from fulfillment of its moral and social obligation through blood donation, and with humanity and awareness of its employees succeeds to help its fellow-citizens.

“Aware that donation of blood is still not on the sufficiently high level, we have been trying, year after year, to motivate the people from our local community to provide undisturbed work of the Transfusion Ward. Since we think that blood should wait for a patient and not the patient for the blood, our socially responsible engagement is encouraged by our employees who have recognized the importance of response to blood donation activities” said Natasa Pucar, STUDEN Holding Corporate Communication director.