STUDEN Holding has been supporting the work of kindergarten for nine years: Valuable donation awarded to kindergarten “Nasa Djeca” in Brcko

Date: 13.09.2017.

Brcko, September 13, 2017 – STUDEN Holding, which includes BIMAL Edible Oil Factory and STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery, continues in this year as well with the regular annual donation to Public Institution Kindergarten “Nasa djeca”.

STUDEN Holding this year celebrates 25th anniversary and within this year’s “Days of opened door”, the STUDEN Holding Management delivered valuable donation, outdoor children playgrounds for all four buildings of the Public Institution Kindergarten “Nasa djeca”.

Bearing in mind the successful operations of the STUDEN Holding which have been lasting for 25 years now and which are based on employees in business group and therefore also on their families and children, strategy of the Holding from the beginning was focused on support to quality development of youngest members in the local community. STUDEN Holding expresses also genuine happiness due to the fact that number of children of the employees in the business group is increasing year after year and on this year traditional distribution of New Year parcels, 440 kids were happy to get them, which is at the same time the most joyful event within the year.

“In the time when modern technology dominates we are proud that as a company we succeed, already from the informal education, to contribute that our children get high quality stay in kindergartens and to acquire social skills of high importance for further development and education of a child” said CEO of STUDEN Holding, Mr. Ilija Studen.

Longtime cooperation of STUDEN Holding and Public Institution Kindergarten is result of common desire to have the quality and work conditions of kindergarten be in compliance with the criteria of educational institution and long lasting wish of the STUDEN Holding is to be a part of the team striving to realization of such goals.