STUDEN Group rewarded for best business move of the year

Date: 02.10.2020.

Sarajevo, 02.10.2020 – With the selection of the business portal, “Business initiative for comprehensive improvement of the business environment and standard of living in Brčko District BiH” of the STUDEN Group was proclaimed as the best business move in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019.
The biggest investor in the food industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina and biggest foreign investor in the Brčko District, STUDEN Group, in June 2019 presented the business initiative in value of BAM 500 Mio. which will enable growth and development of the business environment in Brčko and quality of life of the citizens of the District, but also of the entire region.
“Positive and significant business undertakings are always good to be published since in this manner we affirm the changes which lead to development of individual environments and the economy of a country. STUDEN Group, since its arrival to BiH, opted for investments in the production of domestic food products, and the announced project in Brčko, with institutional support of the Brčko Government, certainly creates great investment opportunities“, said Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of the STUDEN Group.
Taking into account that the COVID 19 pandemic has slowed down the activities which started after signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and creating of the Action plan between the Brčko District Government and STUDEN & CO Holding, STUDEN Group proposed to the District Government to have the implementation of the first project from the presented Business initiative as soon as possible.
“COVID 19 affected all areas of business, but we have still proposed to accelerate the implementation of the first project from the Business Initiative, i.e. Zone of work and industry “Brod”. The investments only on this project can provide jobs for 220 persons in period of few years, with investments of over BAM 20 Mio., but the course of the implementation itself certainly depends on efficiency of the local authorities“, Pucar added.
The selection of the best business move is an independent and nonprofit project of the portal, which is based on monitoring and analysis of information from the world of business published in the media, business correspondence, social networks with help of expert consultants, and on basis of the criteria set in the rulebook for awarding of the rewards.