BIMAL Group completely took over the Edible oil factory BIMAL Sunce from Sombor

Date: 31.05.2023.

Brčko, May 31, 2023 – BIMAL Group has successfully completed the complete takeover of the BIMAL Sunce edible oil factory in Sombor, thus becoming the sole owner of the company. In 2019, the BIMAL Group, as the majority owner, acquired direct individual control over the Sunce Edible oil factory in Sombor, and on May 25, 2023, acquired 100% ownership by purchasing the remaining equity from a minority co-owner. The complete takeover of the BIMAL Sunce factory was the primary goal of the BIMAL Group from the very beginning of the process of taking over the Sombor Edible oil factory.

“The goal of our acquisition is to strengthen the position of the BIMAL Group in the Western Balkans, and to further consolidate the edible oil industry in the region. In the past three years, the BIMAL Sunce factory was technically and technologically reconstructed, and the production of the final product was brought to the planned level of 200 tons per day. Further investments are in progress aimed at increasing the efficiency of the factory and production that is complementary to the BIMAL factory from Brčko,” said Ilija Studen, President of the STUDEN Group Management Board and General Manager of the BIMAL Company. Studen points out that the total investment cycle that started in 2019 is worth over EUR 35 million.

With production in two factories, in Brčko and Sombor, the BIMAL Group will place on the market more than 250,000 tons of semi-finished products and finished products annually to domestic markets, as well as to its traditional export markets of Turkey and the Middle East. Also, higher production capacities mean a stronger position on the European Union market, where BIMAL already exports its special products, as well as the full realization of the export potential to the Southeast Asian market.