Staple Food Production in Brcko Provided by Engagement of the Railways

Date: 26.03.2020.

Brcko, March 26, 2020 – A state of emergency significantly affected uninterrupted flow of goods, jeopardizing the transport of raw materials necessary for continuous production. Excellent mutual cooperation and engagement of the railways of the Federation of BiH and the Republic of Srpska have successfully provided a continuous flow of raw materials between the Port of Ploce and Agro-industrial complex in Brcko.

“Thanks to Mr. Dzafic, representing the FBiH Railways, and Mr. Gligoric, representing the RS Railways, who have mobilized all available technical and human resources and made significant efforts in providing distribution of goods to the factories in entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, production of sugar in Brcko is not affected and raw materials from the Port of Ploce have been transported by railway to the only sugar refinery in the country“ said Ekrem Hanic, Vice President of the STUDEN Holding Management Board and director of the logistics company BELISAR.
Hanic also emphasizes that the railways have put their resources at their partners’ disposal, successfully overcoming a huge challenge of merchandise flow caused by many interruptions and hindering in the chains of supply.

“Despite the fact that our drivers are constantly in their trucks transporting food, raw material and other vital materials to BiH, the road transport is still very difficult and lines of vehicles at border crossings stretch for mile. It causes delays in deliveries and deviations from production plans and regular market supply. Therefore, such reaction of the Federation of BiH and the RS railways brings a huge relief in carrying out logistic tasks, as well as certainty in production of staple food like sugar. Also, collaboration with the Port of Ploce and Croatian railways is excellent, they too have proven to be up to the task in times of crisis”, said Hanic.

Deepening of the cooperation, networking of international routes and prompt reaction to the current situation enable the railways, the Port and logistic companies to provide stable supply in Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounding countries.