Inzko, Hartmann and Scanlan visited STUDEN Holding’s Agro-industrial complex in Brčko

Date: 08.03.2019.

Brčko, 08.03.2019 – The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko, Principal Deputy High Representative and Supervisor for Brcko District Michael Scanlan and the ambassador of Austria in BiH dr Urlike Hartmann visited the Agro-industrial complex of STUDEN Holding in Brčko, within which the Edible oil factory BIMAL and Sugar Refinery STUDEN-AGRANA operate. As the biggest foreign investor in the food industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, STUDEN Holding presented its production facilities and high-quality product which are being placed on the domestic market, as well as the export markets of European countries, Western Balkans, and Middle and Far East.

„Bright future of the BiH economy can, and should be, in the production of high-quality products, primarily for rich and demanding market of the EU. That is an excellent method to develop the BiH economy, keep the people in the country as well as for utilization of the economic potential of our country. After successful investments and creation of the business environment which Brčko got thanks to the Agro-industrial complex of our business Group, a significant direction of our actions is further expansion of the business network, and regional investments in the food industry“ said the President of the STUDEN Holding Management, Ilija Studen.

Since 2002, when the STUDEN Holding together with United Oil Industry VFI from Austria took over the BIMAL Company, with continuous investments and modernization, the production of edible oil has been started in accordance with the European and global quality criteria. As a result of well placed business model, together with AGRANA Group from Austria, the Sugar Refinery STUDEN-AGRANA was also built, and portfolio of the production companies within the STUDEN Holding has expanded significantly by present day.

„The chance for full recovery of the Bosnia and Herzegovina economy, besides the overall stability, is also in the economic stability, thanks to which the number of investments will increase, and that will certainly create the preconditions for better business environment in the country“ said the High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko during the visit to Agro-industrial complex of STUDEN Holding, and companies BIMAL and STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery.

The visit to Agro-industrial complex of STUDEN Holding, and companies BIMAL and STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery also incited the discussions in other subjects important for economic development, and especially the infrastructure which is necessary for free flow of goods.