Economic development of the Brčko District through the upcoming projects was the topic of a meeting between the ambassadors and the STUDEN Group

Date: 16.06.2021.

Brcko, June 16, 2021 – Now is the opportunity to revitalize economic and life in general in the Brcko District through advocating for economic development and serious work on exploiting economic potentials, was the conclusion of the head of the delegation and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Johann Sattler, Brcko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan, Austrian Ambassador to BiH Ulrike Hartmann and President of the Management Board of STUDEN Group Ilija Studen, at a joint meeting.

After the Assembly of the Brčko District of BiH adopted the Decision on the disposal of public property through a special agreement, the STUDEN Group continues with the project of building the first business zone in the District. The initial phase of works will be completed this year.

“Business development inevitably means the development of all aspects of life, both for the business community and for all citizens of the district, and the realization of the announced commercial zone project certainly represents a strong milestone for Brcko,” said the head of the delegation and EU special envoy to BiH Johann Sattler.

“STUDEN Group, through almost two decades of work in the Brcko District, has confirmed that it is a reliable partner for establishing a successful business. By concretizing business interests, the new Government anticipated our investment, which will not only create new jobs, but also have a positive impact on the business environment in Brčko in the long run,” said Ilija Studen, President of the Management Board of STUDEN Group.

Studen added that the construction of the business zone still requires fast administrative support in a relatively short time so that the project can effectively follow each of the planned phases, and so that the zone becomes functional as soon as possible.

“I am proud when Austrian companies stimulate the economy in BiH, and our companies are also the biggest foreign investor here. STUDEN Group’s investments result in significant changes that are being transferred from Brcko to the entire country,” said Austrian Ambassador to BiH Urlike Hartmann.

At the meeting held in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the STUDEN Group, it was assessed that the growth of the economic sector is the main driver of additional investments. In terms of further strengthening this positive dynamic, First Deputy High Representative and Brcko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan stressed the importance of focusing Brcko authorities on public administration reform to ensure quality public services, fiscal discipline, budget transparency and infrastructure development in the district.