BIMAL Factory Brčko – domestic NON GMO producer

Date: 21.05.2019.

Sarajevo, May 21, 2019 – Brčko Edible Oil Factory BIMAL has gone through process of certification in accordance with the Guidelines for labeling and control of NON GMO food products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and according to the NON GMO standard. The importance of the NON GMO label in our country was discussed at the joint conference of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH and Danube Soya in Sarajevo.

„Thanks to NON GMO Guidelines and NON GMO standard of Danube Soya we finally have an opportunity to respond to the initiative of the consumers who want an option of selection while purchasing, and soon we will label our products with „NON GMO produced“ label because they are produced out of raw materials which are guaranteed without genetic modifications. We have gone through the certification process for our entire production, and in the expectation of the certificate we can say with pleasure that BIMAL is domestic NON GMO producer“ said Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate communications of the STUDEN Holding, within which the Brcko edible oil factory BIMAL operates.

Since the acquisition in 2002 BIMAL was determined for NON GMO production and there was never room for compromise about this decision, so this marking is a great opportunity for all BiH producers to point out their added value and thus respond to the demands of the modern consumers, it was said in BIMAL company.

The minister of foreign trade and economic relations Mirko Šarović said on this occasion that „NON GMO produced“ label has opened a new opportunity for domestic producers, and companies Bingo and BIMAL have recognized the importance of selection in purchasing and information for our buyers.

The products of BIMAL company, will besides Bingo eggs, be labeled “NON GMO Produced” at the shelves throughout the country. In this way, it was successfully responded to the demands of 90% of the surveyed citizens of BiH.