STUDEN Holding: Award for special contribution to development of economy in BiH

Date: 03.06.2016.

Brcko, June 3, 2016 – At the ceremonial academy “Time for Europe and regional partnership“ on the occasion of marking of the Europe Day in BiH, which took place this year in Capljina, Vice-president of STUDEN Holding management for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ekrem Hanic, received the recognition for special contribution to the development of economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Austrian company STUDEN Holding, with regional headquarters for area of Southeast Europe in Brcko, has an international portfolio in agribusiness which includes processing and trading with oilseeds and grains, as well as the production and distribution of food products, white crystal sugar and edible oils.

The production headquarters of the Holding is the Agro-industrial complex in Brcko, where BIMAL edible sunflower oil and AGARAGOLD sugar are being produced. “Bosnia and Herzegovina is the production headquarter of the STUDEN Holding, and the company BIMAL is the biggest production company of the Agro-industrial complex in Brcko and with its export to more than 17 countries in the world, from Netherlands to China, it significantly contributes to the development of the economy of the state, but also to the promotion of the country in the international economy, and this is extremely important for creating of the positive image of the country in the international business. Also, this year we are marking 20 years of AGRAGOLD sugar on BH market, and that is yet another confirmation of the quality of business of the STUDEN Holding, both in the BiH and in the region“, said Hanic.

BIMAL, same as the other members of the Agro-industrial complex, exports its products to almost all countries of the West Balkans, as well as the countries of the European Union and Middle East, through the network of connected distribution companies of AGRAGOLD, which also operate within the STUDEN Holding.

In last two years, BIMAL is having notable increase in export of its products to the market of Turkey and to other countries in the Middle East. In last year STUDEN Holding has opened a distribution company in Istanbul, and through regional center in Dubai it is accessing other markets in the Middle East.

Since last year, BIMAL is also exporting to China and thus it became the first company in BiH which is exporting food products to this market.

Opening of the path to new export markets is especially important for the development of the food sector in BiH and decrease of foreign trade deficit, and STUDEN Holding strives to finding of new possibilities for export both to European market and the area of Middle East.

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